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    Need Help

    Syed Sajid Newbie

      Hello All,

      I am completely new bee to JBoss, JEMS and even to java, was previously working on mostly microsoft things like .net and have some knowledge of biztalk server.

      I am now in to learning and getting a hands on JEMS, so that later on we can use it to integrate our applications.

      Here are the questions

      1. What is JEMS, is it a middleware like biztalk and does it exists like biztalk separately or it is just a name given to an aggregate of JBoss products?

      2. How can I get a hands on JEMS, where from I can download it, and what are the software and hardware requirements for it?

      3. Are their any labs or that sort of stuff available like demos (videos) to get started in JEMS?

      4. Is it compulsory to have knowledge of java for using JEMS?

      5. And for integrating applications developed using different languages and platforms, is JEMS the right way?

      Hope you people be very kind in answering these questions.

      Thanks in advance,

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          Wayne Hannam Newbie

          I'm pretty sure JEMS is just the name to describe the entire suite of applications from JBoss, that make up their enterprise suite.

          It is not a "product" per-se, but a collection of products, such as the application server, portal server, etc...etc...

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            Syed Sajid Newbie


            Thanks alot for replying, but what about the other questions, if you people can guide me on how to get started and how to integrate some sample applications integrated using JEMS that'd be gr8

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              Peter Johnson Master

              Ganton answered #1. For more infor, see #2 below.

              #2 - I googled "jboss jems" and the first result was the JEMS home page, which contained links to all of the JEMS components. Those links in turn provided links to download, documentation, etc. (Yes, I could just have provided the link to the page, but why should I do all of the work?)

              #3 - This various by component, see #2 above (many components have links to "getting started" documentation). Other than that, just the component.

              #4 Yes.

              #5 Via web services, sure. But, for example, half your application written in C# and theother half in Java, probably not.