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    Thread pooling mechanisms in JBoss 4.0.3SP1

    Philipp Zech Newbie

      I'm currently working
      on a bacchelor thesis for my studies of Computer Science at the
      Leopold-Franzens University in Innsbruck, Austria. In the course of this
      thesis I'm writing a kind of accounting for java to acquire
      cpu-consumption for java-methods, especially for methods, running in
      J2EE applications.
      The thesis is an extension to the already existing JRaf2 tool
      (http://www.jraf2.org/). As JBoss executes the distinct methods in
      reusable threads, my problem now is, to find an entry point for a
      distinct method to get accounting information for the method, but not
      for the whole thread. I've already found the class BasicThreadPool,
      which seems to be the basic pool for the threads executing the distinct
      methods. Now I should find a possibility to know exactly when a thread
      starts with a new method. So i just wanted to ask, whether there is
      a possibility to get the information from a thread if it starts the
      execution of a new method. I'm already familiar with the mechanisms
      provided by Java itself, but not with the implementation in JBoss. So
      which are the classes in JBoss, providing the functionality to pass the
      methods to the threads and start their execution?

      Is there anybody who can answer me these question or ecplain me the mechanisms? It'd help me a lot.