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    Deploying an mBean

    allan bronson Newbie

      I created an interface called TestManagement which had these methods listed

      void create throws Exception
      void start throws Exception
      void stop
      void destroy

      I used the @Management annotation and then implemented this interface with the class

      Test. I used the @Service annotation in this class.

      I just want to print out and see that it is crreated and starting.

      My code in the start method calls another bean that creates Timers. We are in a jboss clustering environment and do not want these timers being fired on each node, but just one. Everything compiled and I deployed my ear file to the

      deploy-hcsingleton directory ( this may be the wrong name - I don't have it in front of me at the moment ). I did not see any of the 4 meothds listed above be called.

      What am I missing?