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    how to design such a system?

    Michael Kress Newbie


      I don't know in which of the numerous forums to post exactly with this question, so I'm trying here.
      How about would you implement a system that works like this? Which technologies of JBoss should I go deeper into?

      +---server-1-----+ +---server-2-----+
      |Web interface | | E1 E2 E3 ... |
      |----------------| | DP |
      |queries| | | ^ | |
      | | | DB | | | | DB |
      | v | | | | | |
      | | | | | | | | | |
      | |Q| | | | |Q| | |
      +----------------+ +----------------+
       + ^
       | |

      The system is supposed to become a remote server administration tool with server-1 as the admin console and servers-2, -3, ... as servers being controlled by server-1. The admin tasks to execute should be received by message queues and executed one after another. There's data in both, server-1 and server-n. The system should be scalable in order to permit to unify a "server-1" and a "server-2".
      Q = message queue which receives the messages for the remote server, also used for feedbacks to server-1
      DB = database which is being accessed by entity beans
      DP = dispatcher which receives the commands from the remote server
      E1, E2, ... = Executors which are invoked by the dispatcher.
      server-2, -3, ... has/have no web interfaces, all is handled and controlled by server-1.
      Tasks executed by E1, E2, ... will be things like start a backup, create configuration entries, restart services, etc.

      I don't have too many idea's on how to build such a system. I understand a little bit about ejb's and JBoss Seam seems to be suited quite well to build the web interface. JBoss Messaging seems to be the product to handle queue messaging.

      I'm not sure about all this so I'd appreciate you opionion.

      Is there already some good example for such a system or at least for parts of it?
      The DVD shop demo from Seam is quite nice and already suits a little bit for the part "Web interface".

      Thanks & have a nice weekend!