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    problem with Jboss and ibatis

    wang chaohe Newbie


      I am doing a project, that i use jboss+spring+ibatis+mysql, but when i deploy my war file on Jboss. I am just testing a single function "login".
      For the first time, i can login. Then i change the password in database, but i can't login use new password, the system.println() shows that Jboss get the old value of the password. Then i shutdown Jboss and start again, then i can login using new password. But if i change password in database again, then cant login again. The only way is to restart the Jboss.

      Then I deploy the same war to Tomcat, then it's working fine. So believe there must be some configuration in Jboss i made wrongly. May be is mysql-ds.xml.

      Any one got any idea pls help!