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    JBoss Rules

    Régis QUEFFELEC Newbie

      Hi everyone,
      I'm trying to install JBoss Rules and i followed JBoss documentation, but nothing happen as it should. So I'm looking for someone who knows more about it.
      First I installed Maven 2.0, which is not really hard to install, but i tried to compile the following files :
      - drools-compiler
      - drools-core
      - drools-ide
      - drools-jsr94
      So I used the famous MS-DOS command "mvn install" and everything seems working, but instead having "BUILD SUCCESS" at the end, I've got "BUILD FAILURE". And apparently all classes are up to date and i just downloaded them yesterday.
      After that, I tried to generate the documentation through Ant. But I've got the same problem as Maven.... "BUILD FAILED".
      And finally i kept going and I tried to generate the eclipse plugin... And i let you guess what happened... Eclipse can't find org.drools.ide_0.0.0...
      So after 3 days, I'm a bit desperate.
      If someone has any idea or more informations about JBoss Rules installation, that's will be great and helpfull.
      If you need more details just let me know.
      If anyone knows where i can find another forum dedicated to JBoss Rules and its installation, I'll be really thanksfull.
      Thanks for your help.

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          Régis QUEFFELEC Newbie

          Hi everyone,
          If someone is interested, I found why my plugin didn't want to work with Eclipse. Because I hadn't Eclipse 3.2. JBoss Rules only works with Eclipse 3.2. So now it works.
          You just have to install Eclipse 3.2 on your machine and copy the JBoss Rules plugin into the Eclipse's plugins folder. And that's it.