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    JBoss technical support

    Barry Cohen Newbie

      We built a small application in Tomcat and realized that if we expanded it we'd be able to do lots more with the underlying business logic. So, we're looking at migrating to JBoss as a cost effective option (as opposed to a commercial product).

      Moving our prototype to JBoss seems pretty trivial, just tweak a few things like file and path names and maybe some other simple code and we should be running right away. As we start exploiting JBoss technology though we're probably going to need support. Since we're not sure where we're going with this yet, I'd hate to get a sales person all excited.

      Does anyone have any insights into what the various JBoss support subscriptions cost (at least the entry pricing)? I've been reading the forums, and it looks like there are lots of partners hanging around. Do you folks offer support other than the subscriptions? How would that be different?

      Thanks for your help everyone.