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    [Jboss qualification Preliminary Question] Installing Jboss

    Yannick BIET Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      This is my first message here, and it should surprise some of you !

      My company is currently looking to start new developments on J2EE environment. My question is pretty obvious and surely stupid but as I am just a newbie under Jboss Application server I think it's best to ask to personn who are using it for months, maybe years :)

      Question is : Can you please confirm that there's no compatibilities' issues installing Oracle (9i) and JBoss 4.0.4 on the same server (under Windows OS for my concern)

      Yeah, I know, I personnaly don't see any reason it should be incompatible or lead to problems but as the question has been asked by the personn in charge of a customer project, I rather ask you guys !

      Thanks for your answer and maybe your personnal feedbacks on version installed (Oracle/Jboss/OS), installation deployment, performance...

      Anyway, I should be here a lot more starting today so hope you'll welcome me in the big and great Jboss communauty :)

      Yannick Biet