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    cannot run JBOSS on 8080

    Divya Arunachalam Newbie


      I am new to JBoss.I was using Tomcat for some time.It was working properly.when i opened localhost:8080 the tmcat page came and when i opened my files put in webapp it was working correctly.tehn i started using netbeans.i did something on server admin i don't remember what.after that when i opened localhost it kept asking me for username and pwd.I tried everything but it did not enter.then i was using netbeans to run my projects.it uses port 8084.

      i got an internship.they are using jboss.i wanted to set the same environment on my sytem so i can work from home also.but it has been a problem.do anybody know how to remove tomcat completely?i removed my environment variable.i removed all tomcat file.but it still kept asking fo username and pwd,when i opened 8080.then i uninstalled netbeans.it did the same thing.I don't know what i did suddenly it stopped asking.but even when i start the Jboss server and open 8080.It does nothing.it keeps on loading .some times it stops and then says page cannot be displayed.This is driving me crazy.

      Can anybody plz help me.the place is a little far from my home.so i have to work atleast 1 or 2 days per week from my home.with this problem i cannot do anything.

      pl plz help me.