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    RichFaces crashing JBoss AS?

    Przemyslaw Rudzki Newbie


      I have just encountered the strangest error - ever ;-).

      I have installed JBoss AS 4.2.1 on my remote centos box (via ssh). I have added appropriate jdbc driver and deployed seam application using RichFaces components.

      When I tried to access the appropriate web site it was rendered only once, without cool effects on panel components or table headers. At this moment the whole JBoss AS was dying...

      I checked the logs and it looks like JBoss AS was trying to connect to X windows (?!) (i got messages like 'X connection to localhost:10 broken' or sth like that). This message was printed only once and after that the server was dying (AS).

      I realized the 'something' was trying to access localhost:10 which was the variable defined in my env under DESKTOP name. This is used with X forwarding and running X windows applications (clients) in my local machine (i.e. the one that I was connecting from). This variable is set automatically when doing ssh session on linux. Of course one can turn this off.

      Unsetting this variable and starting the JBoss AS without it - stopped the server from crashing and proper render of the user interface.

      What the heck? Anybody?