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    About conflict between deploy the site and upload new images

    Phil Xiang Newbie

      Hi there,

      I am new to Jboss. I am working on a site via Jboss.
      The question is below.

      I am uploading some new images to the jboss server and want to display the new images in HTML file. The web site need be deployed to find the new images. Even I can see the new images are there, without deploy them, the server can not find the new images. It must be the new images are not in the WAR file.

      How to deal with this trouble?

      I think out a way that using the absolute path for the images, like c:\images\1.jpg. BUT in Linux, when I use /export/images/1.jpg, the web server automatically add http://localhost:8080/export/images/1.jpg.

      What should I do with this? This is a very simple question.