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    JBoss as an integration platform?

    Faui Gerzigerk Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm investigating the suitability of JBoss for a planned integration software package. Until now we have used JBoss for regular J2EE backend development. However, the specific requirement for this integration project is that the application would have to manage connections to various data sources (DBMS, ERP, file system files, web services, websites). So the application needs to create JDBC, JMS and web services references, pools, etc at runtime via its own UI. I wonder if this is a scenario for which JBoss is suitable. I am aware of the fact that something like this cannot be appserver agnostic. So it'd be fine if we had to use prorietary JBoss APIs and deployment procedures.

      If this scenario is at all realistic, my second question is whether it can be done as a regular J2EE application or if it'd be better to plan the whole integration package as one or more JMX MBeans.

      Any help is greately appreciated.