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    Problem with JBossRules 3.0.1 version.

    Vinayak Rao Newbie

      Hi All,

      In our project for business level validations we are using JBoss Rules(Drools).
      Initial we have started with 2.5 and shifted to 3.0 the latest version. I have downloaded the 3.0.1 jar files from JBoss, and taken the latest version of compiler (antlr) antlr-3.0ea10.jar.
      But at the time of loading the rules its giving an error saying...

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: following
      at org.drools.lang.RuleParser.compilation_unit(Unknown Source)
      at org.drools.compiler.DrlParser.compile(Unknown Source)
      at org.drools.compiler.DrlParser.parse(Unknown Source)
      at org.drools.compiler.DrlParser.parse(Unknown Source)
      at org.drools.compiler.PackageBuilder.addPackageFromDrl(Unknown Source)
      at com.effigent.rulez.test.UserTest.readRule(UserTest.java:53)
      at com.effigent.rulez.test.UserTest.(UserTest.java:29)

      Then I have downloaded the JBoss Rules IDE 3.0.1 jar for Eclipse from JBoss (Which holds all the jars related to Drools) and added all the jars to the classpath then loaded the rules and it works fine.
      At my notice, what I found is in the IDE 3.0.1.jar the antlr jar version or name is antlr-3.0ea8.jar. I have removed all the jars from my classpath and added the previous jar which were giving problem and addtionally I removed the antlr-3.0ea10.jar and replaced with antlr-3.0ea8.jar and it works fine.

      Did anyone have faced the same kind of problem with 3.0.1 JBossRules jar files. If yes, please let me know how did you resolved the issue.

      Thanks in advance,

      Effigent Inc,