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    No ClassLoaders found

    Yogesh Jankee Newbie

      I am just starting a project for my undergraduate course with JBoss. I was going through the IPC tutorial and did everything mentioned there....But i just get the error "No Class Loaders found for : community.Center$Listener" when i deploy my SAR file into the /server/default/deploy directory as such, the CreateActionURL() does not work correctly.... Here's wats in my jboss-service.xml

       <depends optional-attribute-name="Registry" proxy-type="attribute">portal:service=ListenerRegistry</depends>
       <attribute name="RegistryId">community_listener</attribute>
       <attribute name="ListenerClassName">community.Center$Listener</attribute>

      I also defined the listener in the *-object.xml file as

      Kindly advise....