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    Beginners Guide to write a JSR-181

    Doug Johnson Newbie


      I'm evaluating writing a webservice using a JSR-181 bean, and I'm wondering if anyone has a tutorial.

      What I'd like to use is

      My main criteria is that the tutorial just shows a simple way to set up JBoss and preferably Eclipse, along with a simple Web service that gets deployed to JBoss. I have a working JBoss AS with embedded tomcat which I am already deploying tapestry projects to. I'd like to turn one of my beans into a WS. But I'm having a really really hard time getting a coherant tutorial that covers a simple way to turn even a very simple bean into a WS. Probably due to lack of any configuration information in any of the tutorials (for instance what library needs to be included?)

      Any help that someone can provide would be appreciated. Of course I'd prefer a simple "Step 1, Step 2" kind of thing.

      I'm also completely willing to go with any technology for the WS (say Axis?) as long as I could get some help setting it up.

      Thank you if you can help me