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    TomCat and Jboss AS

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      Hello all,

      For a first project, I deployed web services and servlets on TomCat 5.0. After, I had to use jBoss AS (4.0.3). But, for the second project, I use servlets and web services which are on TomCat 5.0.

      The problem is, if I launch jBoss AS, TomCat 5.0 doesn't work. Thus, is it possible to use TomCat 5.0 with jBoss AS, and not the TomCat which is integrated to jBoss (to avoid to redeploy my web services or servlets).

      Or, maybe, there is a simple method to redeploy my web services and servlets (without to touch the code of web services and servlets, and keeping the same address of webservices : http://localhost:8080/axis/mywebservice) ?

      Thanks. :)