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    some questions about JBoss and Catalina

    Maik Schlotter Newbie

      hello community,

      i'd like to ask for some questions for getting a deeper clarity of JBoss.

      the sence of this thread is to make the log4j not to log some loggings.

      there are two logs (and more, but these two are important) i don't know the meaning of them.

      these two logs are:
      12:41:32,372 INFO [WebappLoader] Dual registration of jndi stream handler: factory already defined
      12:41:35,216 WARN [SecurityCollection] Suspicious url pattern: "/restricted/*" - see http://java.sun.com/aboutJava/communityprocess/first/jsr053/servlet23_PFD.pdf section 11.2

      in my researches i found out that there are more than one way of deniing these logs.

      but as a first point i would like to know what they are standing for and why they occur. what do these want to tell me ?!?

      the next is to deny them in the logging-process. therefor i found out that they occur in a method of the catalina.jar. the other way, i found, is the use of a log4j.properties file.

      is there a way of modifiing the source-code of the catalina.jar?
      what is the structure of the log4j.properties?

      thanks for replies