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    Loading resources

    Daniel Galán y Martins Newbie

      I want to load resources (xml-files), usually I would do this with a FilenameFilter and the file method listFiles(filter) .. this would return an array of files. When deploying in JBoss EJB-Modules, these are packed as jar file, and these jar files are copied into some kind of temporary directory and opend. Because they are in a jar file, I can't use any longer the listFiles method, because this will return always null. Taking instead the jar, and open a ZipFile or ZipStream isn't possible, because they are, as mentioned, opend by the system exclusivly.

      I can't even use getClass().getClassLoader().getResources(...) .. because I don't know the name (only the file extension xml, and the package path).

      I don't see any possiblity to load these xml files from one package (or recursivley) .. what can I do?

      Thanks in advance