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    Encoding in Hypersonic database

    Dimitri Pissarenko Newbie


      I want to use JBoss with Hypersonic Database.

      I've created a couple of JSP pages and servlets, using which the user can enter data into the database via EJBs with container-managed persistence.

      Some of the web pages are used for entering string data into the database.

      It works fine as long as the string are US English.

      However, when I try to enter Cyrillic or German characters, a problem occurs. When those strings are read from the database, they are displayed incorrectly (both Cyrillic letters and German umlauts).

      All web pages have UTF-8 encoding, which is set in the header:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

      I would like to know where and how I can configure the encoding of the database.


      Dmitri Pissarenko