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    Class path issues

    null null Newbie

      When I create a new jboss instance and put jar files under lib directory and sar file under deploy and service gets deployed fine. But the service looks for the configuration file abc.xml in the class path( by getting class loader and trying to load it). Where should I put this configuration file so that service can find it in the class path of the instance?

      I tried putting the abc.xml in the conf diretory, service can't find it in the classpath. I tried putting it in the lib directotory, service can't find it. I can't jar up the xml file with the jar file because it needs to be in area where I can change it if needed.

      Could you please help. This is a basic questions. I am new to Jboss and don't have good hold on Jboss class loading mechanism.

      Bashir Wichka