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    JNLP classpath

    milan wölke Newbie

      Ive developed an ejb3 application with a swing client. i want to deploy this client via java webstart. therefore i created a war archive containing a jar with all my classes needed by the client. The problem is the client needs jbossall-client.jar as well.
      Can someone tell me how to include this jar to the jnlp classpath without actually packaging it with the client. there has to be some way of referencing the jar located in <JBOSS_ROOT>/client.

      Please help.

      Thanx in advance.
      Milan Wölke

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          Louis TOURNAYRE Newbie

          AS you probably know your jnlp file you can put some entry for your classpath like this :

           <j2se version="1.5"/>
           <jar href="lib/MainJar.jar" main="true"/>
           <jar href="lib/jbossall-client.jar"/>

          Your jar entry (./lib/. here) are depends of your jnlp codebase

          <jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase="http://XXXX:8080/YYYY" ...

          I see noway for you codebase be <JBOSS_ROOT>/client because this is (and it's better) non accessible via http.

          So put your jbossall-client.jar on http://XXXX:8080/YYYY/lib and it's should work.