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    Will there be a JBoss 3.2.x with Xalan 2.7?

    ch Newbie

      First of all, sorry for posting this here, but I did not find any subforum, where I could have placed my post.

      Via YourKit Java Profiler we found out, what a lot of other people already knew: Xalan 2.6 has an ugly memory leak. Due to this leak, we have to reboot out JBoss 3.2.7 at least once a weak.

      Is there any chance to get a JBoss with 3.2.x with Xalan 2.7? I would prefere to stay a the 3-Series instead of switching to JBoss 4.x.

      Are there any expiriences with simply placing Xalan 2.7 into a JBoss 3.2.7?
      Also the patch for Xalan does not look that tricky. Has someone patched Xalan 2.6 itself?

      As you can imagine, we would like to have a way to get our server run stable yesterday. ;)