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    WEBEX presentaions. How about Linux ?

    Daniel Dumitriu Newbie

      Good evening,

      I was trying to look at the JBoss way of doing SOA, "SOA for Developers Part 1".
      Trying is where I stopped, though. I cannot understand a word ! (The image is fine, of course).
      I always assumed the vast majority of the people using & developing for /on JBoss would do the most of their work in Linux and, a few, on Mac OS. And will (stubbornly) continue to think that way although I know it is the perceived truth.
      I know, the answer is going to be something along the lines of: "suit yourself and live with the consequences !".
      The consequences will, most probably, include the fact that I cannot see your webex-es, ever, or it will be too late to matter (and won't be able to print from Eclipse).
      Or are you going to disappoint me and make them, somehow, available to the (second class ?) developers on Linux ?!

      Thank you,