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    If processing of one message failed in the onmessage() funct

    w xj Newbie

      My consumer shoulde recieve and process message asynchronously.My question is:If processing of one message failed in the onmessage() function,how to tell the jboosmq resend it to consumer again?

      I do not mdb,and I do not want to use transaction when processing messages because transaction slow down the speed of processing.
      If i set session to AUTOACKNOWLEGE mode,the session will simply acknowlege the message when the onmessage function return,it do not even know whether the message processing suceeded or failed,and because the onmessage() can not return any value to notify session of any thing, and the onmessage() function should not throw any exception to indicate any unsuccessful state.so how can i tell the jboss mq :"this message is not well processed due to some external factor.please resend it to one of those consumer again!"

      thank you very much for help!