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    Why JBOSS can't run it's simple example?

    Kent Zhou Newbie

      I followed JBossIDE-Tutorial.pdf to create the fibo application. Everything is okay untill I finished the packaging.

      The I deployed the FiboApp.ear. No error. But when I access the application for browser as http://localhost:8080/fibo/, it gave me following info in page:

      Directory Listing For /
      Filename Size Last Modified
      Apache Tomcat/5.5.17

      what's wrong with so simple example?

      Another Question: When I start JBoss inside IBossIDE(Elipse) with the config for default, JBoss always ask for JBossCacheService and cluster with huge error messages. If I run for {all} config option, no such error. But with example application as above, index.html can't be accessed.

      Why does so simple case cause errors?