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    Question on JBoss GUI response time, SOAP support, support m

    Cheng-Jun LI Newbie


      We are in the process of evaluating different products (JBoss, WebLogic ?) and will need to decide which one to choose for the near future. I have some questions regarding JBoss and would appreciate any help from any one. Thank you very much in advance.

      1) We have a performance requirement regarding GUI response time (not server processing time, just GUI response time) being less than 2 seconds. Can JBoss generally meet this requirement? Of course it may depend on many factors, but in general, is there any GUI response issues with JBoss I?ve done some search but found virtually no data related to this. Does any one have any info on this?
      2) Our GUI needs to talk to the server with SOAP. My understanding is that JBoss does not natively support SOAP but it supports it through the integration of Apache Tomcat. Is this correct? And, is this way of supporting SOAP results in any performance issue (e.g. compared to WebLogic which provides native SOAP support)?
      3) The La Quinta presentation on JBoss site states that the support model is based per application and not on deployment size. By 'application' do you mean the instance of Jboss server? Is this the standard support agreement with all Jboss users?