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    Duke Bank, How it works?

    Rodrigo Martinez Heredia Newbie

      I downloaded the 2 parts from Duke'Bank's example; however, I don't know how to complement them, where do I build?, Which file?

      thanks :D

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          VisolveGroup Novice


          First unzip the j2ee-1_4-doc-tutorial_*.zip,it will create the j2eetutorial14.

          After that, u have to copy the jbossj2ee-src.zip file into j2eetutorial14 folder and unzip it.

          Go to the folder path <DUKES_HOME>/j2eetutorial14/examples/bank
          and run all the ant commands using jboss-build.xml file as specified in JBoss Startup Guide Chapter 4.

          For database creation and insertion, go to the path <DUKES_HOME>/j2eetutorial14/examples/bank/sql and run the database specific ant commands.