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    a4j:push and Firefox

    Oliver Thomsen Newbie

      Hi, I'm getting strange effects with <a4j:push>. I have written a login-page and I want to give the user feedback about the login progress. So what I have done is this:

      <a4j:push id="push" eventProducer="#{loginController.addListener}"
       limitToList="true" enabled="#{loginController.authenticated}"
       interval="100" reRender="currentActivity" eventsQueue="push">
      <rich:modalPanel id="modal" resizeable="false" shadowDepth="10px"
       shadowOpacity="0.5" width="200" height="150">
       <h:panelGrid columns="1" style="margin-top: 20px; text-align: center;
       width: 100%;" cellspacing="20px">
       <h:graphicImage value="/images/common/indicator_medium.gif" />
       <h:outputText id="currentActivity"

      The Java code is taken from the demo, so nothing special in there.

      But now it gets "strange": with IE(6) it works fine, the <h:outputText> is updated. With FF2.0 it only works if the Firebug Extension is enabled!!! With Firebug disabled I get the following error in the FF Error Console and the <h:outputText> is not rerendered:

      Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Not enough arguments" nsresult: "0x80570001 (NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS)" location: "JS frame :: http://localhost:9081/ibp/faces/a4j_3_1_1-SNAPSHOTorg.ajax4jsf.javascript.AjaxScript :: anonymous :: line 55" data: no]

      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

      PS: I'm using RichFaces 3.1.1GA, JSF 1.1 RI, Facelets.