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    JBoss AS support for Java EE 5

    Simon Heap Newbie


      Standard apologies for the potential inappropriateness of asking this question here, plus my dubious grasp of the terminology. Anyway ...

      I am in the process of outlining a technical solution for an enterprise system. The decision has been taken to base it on Java EE technology, and I am inclined towards using JBoss as the application server. However I have slight concerns about the fact that JBoss AS does not currently fully support Java EE 5, nor can I find any details of when it will. I appreciate that there are elements of JEE5 that are supported (EJB3 and Java Persistence API being two key examples that we intend to make full use of), but it would reassure me to know that a JEE5-compliant JBoss AS is on the horizon.

      Any ideas as to whether this the case, or how I can find out?


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          Jean-Francois Taillon Newbie

          I have the same issue here.

          It seems that all this work on EJB3 is looking very good but for when is the compliance planned?


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            Simon Heap Newbie


            I put this question to the JBoss sales team and received this answer from their UK sales manager:

            Jboss is highly focused on meeting all Java specifications and we are very active in the standards bodies for JEE5 which is due out towards the end of the year/early next year. JBoss AS5 will be fully compliant with JEE5 specifications and EJB3 will be fully complaint with all standards.

            The wording's a bit unclear, but I think he's saying that JBoss AS5 should be out by early next year.