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    Beginner Problem

    John Williams Newbie

      Thanks in advance for any help with this issue, I realize professionals are taking time out of their busy schedules to pass along knowledge.

      I am trying to Compile and deploy a "Hello" JSP page.

      1. I created a directory c:BJEE\Ch02
      2. Create a new file called index.jsp

      3.I created a subdirectory called META-INF and placed the file application.xml

      4. I created the WAR and EAR files as follows
      >jar cf web-app.war index.jsp
      >jar cf helloworld.ear web-app.war META-INF

      both command line statements completed successfully

      5. I copied the resultant EAR file and placed it in
      6. I started the server successfully.
      7. I started a web browser with http://localhost:8080
      The JBoss page came up successfully
      8. I try to start the hello jsp with http://localhost:8080/hello
      *The page below comes up*

      Directory Listing For /

      Filename Size Last Modified


      Apache Tomcat/5.5

      Any suggestions on why the hello page is not coming up?????????
      Any other information needed???