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    <rich:tree> and nodeSelectionListener

    Jonathan Voxendal Newbie

      I'm using the <rich:tree> component with a nodeSelectionListener:

      <rich:tree value="#{bean.groupTree}"
       ajaxSubmitSelection="true" >

      The implementations of bean.nodeSelected looks like this:

      public void nodeSelected(NodeSelectedEvent event) {
       //.. code

      The nodeSelected method is invoked when I click on a node but I can't find a way of finding out what node I selected.

      The NodeSelectedEvent object doesn't seem to contain that information?
      I though that it would be possible to use
      <a4j:actionparam>'s to pass value to the listener but I havn't found anything in the documentation on how that should be implemented.

      The reason I want to use the nodeSelected event is ofcource because I want to update some other content in my page.

      Any suggestions?