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    Running a "normal" Java-Application on JBoss

    Michael van den Berg Newbie

      Hello there,

      I have already googled for an answer to my questions but didn't find anything useful by now.

      The main-thing is, that I have a 'normal' Java-application (created with JDK5) which does some batch-work. This application currently uses its own Hibernate3 for its persistence-management.

      Now a colleague want's me to run this application on our JBoss4-Server. The big question for me is how to convert the J2SE-app to an JBoss-compatible application without having to rewrite it completely.

      In the end the application should be controlled via an webinterface and a scheduler (e.g. Quartz), so the different tasks can be assigned.

      Thank you in advance,

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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          Michael you will have to provide more deatils... on architecure and how things work.
          As far Hibernate is concerned, Since Jboss uses Hiberbate for its Peristence (as Part of EJB 3.0.. ) - which means yr business layer is POJO based it should be easily portable in JBoss with minor changes.

          With yr web fron end - what are you using.... Are you using Servlets/JSP or any other framework like Struts or myfaces, than it shouldnt be a problems as well porting to JBoss 4.0

          You will have to provide more details though.....