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    Logging problems wtih jboss 4.0.4.GA / console hanging

    Marco Novice

      hi all,
      i am deploying my .ear application in jboss 4.0.4.GA
      i encountered problems with logging big time, found out htat jboss configures alredy its log4j properties..... so i added this code into my logger ..

      if(System.getProperty("log4j.configuration") == null) {
       ... configure my logger

      things seems to work just fine, except for the fact thatn whenever in my BusinessDelegate i am trying to create an EJB from the home, i always get back this painful code and server hangs..
      now i m not sure of why.....

      for example, this code
      ServiceLocator locator = ServiceLocator.getInstance();
       log.debug("Finding home..");
       Object obj = locator.getLocalHome(
       log.debug(".. got object from lookup.. it is:" + obj.getClass().getName());
       DLFMaintenanceSessionLocalHome home = (DLFMaintenanceSessionLocalHome)obj;
      log.debug("Creating ejb..");
      dlfMaintenance = home.create();
      log.debug("..ejb created....");

      never arrives to display ..ejb created..
      and it does not even throw any exception...

      can anyone help me out? i cant see from console what is happening....and not even logs say anything..

      thanks in advacne and regards