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    JBOSS TCP/IP Timeout

    Carlos Cristo Newbie

      Hi all!!

      I came here, because I already searched all internet to find a solution by google, but nothing, zero...!
      Looks like a simple solution to a complex question, so let's start...

      I have an application server that cuts the TCP/IP connection to my client application (running on IE) when a timeout of 2 minutes is reached. When I run a thread that has a long job to do (and do it by themself, do not contact the server again, until it ends the job... 30 minutes normally), the connection is cutted off... returning the statu's window of this thread (just an animated gif) with the message: "504 Gateway timeout error"...
      My job is to simulate this scenario, I have the exactly same code running on JBOSS 4.0.2, and Eclipse.. tried all timeouts of the Jboss configs (including jnp.timeout)... but I never could stop the application. It never suddenly stops the thread running, even when the timeout reaches it's value.
      So, my question is...
      Is there any config on JBOSS, Eclipse or external app that can do this TCP/IP killing, obeying a timeout value?

      Thanks a lot!

      All the best,
      Carlos Cristo