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    RichFaces and SpringWebFlow

    Martin Hutzinger Newbie


      i have tried to install Spring Webflow (SWF) 1.0.5 with RichFaces 3.1.1
      Therefore i installed the SWF sellitem-jsf example on my Tomcat 5.5 installation.
      The example works perfectly in this configuration.

      The problem which i have now is the following:
      After installing the richfaces jar Files, i always got the follwing error when i tried to start the flow execution a second time. (Browser instance was not closed --> same session was used)

      org.springframework.webflow.conversation.NoSuchCon versationException: No conversation could be found with id 'B2F9BD81-B32C-267B-2610-BA532A60FEE6' -- perhaps this conversation has ended?

      In the log file i saw that at the end of the first flow execution, the conversation will be terminated as without the richfaces.jar files.
      Also the generation of a new conversation id works well. The only problem is, that with the installed richfaces jar files the old conversation id will be used when pressing the next button
      on the priceAndItemCountForm the second time.

      Debugging the application in more detail i found the problem.
      The conversation ID is stored in the session from the org.ajax4jsf.application.AjaxStateManager (in an object of the type: org.springframework.webflow.executor.jsf.FlowExecutionKeyStateHolder) after pressing the next button on the priceAndItemCountForm.jsp Page.
      At the end of the flow the stored information of the Flow Views will not be deleted.
      The second time the user starts the flow the stored information will be restored when entering the JSP Page and so the already terminated conversation ID is used again and cause the error.

      How can i update the stored information for the conversation id in a simple way?
      Setting the javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD to client would solve the problem, but i would like to use the server saving method.