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    JBOSS and TOMCAT integrated version problem

    Yue Li Newbie

      Hi there,
      I've installed jboss and tomcat integrated version: jboss-3.2.0RC3_tomcat-4.1.18. and put the files in C:\JBOSS
      I set the enviroment varibles:

      My OS is windows2k and I use run.bat to start the JBOSS server. The JBOSS can work correctly, but when I input http://localhost:8080/ in my IE, the page can't be displayed. And I use startup to start the tomcat server only, it appears a window then disapears in a few seconds. The page can't be displayed either.

      I want to know how to resolve the problem. Please help, thank you.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          A few questions:

          1) Is there an error message displayed in IE? If so, what is it?

          2) Is there an error message appearing in the console window or the server log file? If so, post the error message along with the stack trace.

          3) What JVM are you using? To find out, enter the following at a command prompt and post the results:

          java -version

          4) Why are you using an ancient version of JBoss? And a release candidate at that. That version must be at least 3 or 4 years old. Is there are reason why you could not use the latest version (which is 4.0.4, or if you need 3.2.x, at least use 3.2.7).