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    binding rich's components problem

    Andrew Batman Newbie

      i have the following problem:

      this code works fine:



      import javax.faces.component.UIInput;
      public class Bean {
       private UIInput input;
       public UIInput getInput() {
       return input;
       public void setInput(UIInput input) {
       this.input = input;

       <h:inputText binding="#{bean.input}"/>

      but if i change h:inputText to any rich component, for instance, inputNumberSpinner, the "deployment failed" error occurs while deploying :

      import org.richfaces.component.UIInputNumberSpinner;
      public class Bean {
       private UIInputNumberSpinner inputNumberSpinner;
       public UIInputNumberSpinner getInputNumberSpinner() {
       return inputNumberSpinner;
       public void setInputNumberSpinner(UIInputNumberSpinner inputNumberSpinner) {
       this.inputNumberSpinner = inputNumberSpinner;

       <rich:inputNumberSpinner binding="#{data.inputNumberSpinner}"/>

      The problem occurs only with binding of rich components, without it everything is ok.
      I have richfaces 3.1.2.GA. Other libraries in dependencies are the latest releases too.

      what is the problem in? did anybody have it?