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    NoClassDefFoundError when application deployed in ear

    Herman Gábor Newbie


      I have an application that works fine on JBoss when
      the jar files are deployed separately but throws a NoClassDefFoundError when they are deployed in a .ear
      file together. I studied the FAQ about this topic and I know
      the Class-Path manifest header but I was not able to
      solve my problem. I describe the content of my ear
      file and the references between them.

       (EJB Module, contains the remove interfaces too).
       Class-Path: plugin1.jar plugin2.jar framework.jar
       (Utility classes)
       Class-Path: business-logic.jar
       (Utility classes)
       Class-Path: business-logic.jar
       (Utility classes)
       Class-Path: framework.jar

      As you can see there are circular references between the jar files (i.e framework.jar - plugin1.jar - business-logic.jar - framework.jar). I suspect this could be the cause of the problem. Even an EJB module participates in a circle. Does the J2EE standard allow
      such circular references between the jar files in an ear