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    Question about path

    tomsonxu Newbie

      I created a web app, which allows users to upload their images, and then can view them. There is a folder named "uploadImg" in my app used to store the uploaded images.

      However, every time I hot deploy my ear file under "deploy" folder, jboss will extract the ear file to "tmp/deploy" folder with different temp folder.

      For example, I deployed my app on a month ago, it was extracted to "tmp/deploy/tmp234523myapp.ear-contents" folder. Now I modify some functions and redeploy the app. it is extracted to "tmp/deploy/tmp234611myapp.ear-contents" folder. Then I can't use the images under the folder "tmp/deploy/tmp234523myapp.ear-contents/.../uploadImg".

      Can anyone give me a solution? thanks