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    Wanted:  Web based Application for System Analysis - Is JBos

    rsl rsl Newbie

      Wow, this is my first post and I am already wiped out. That registration process was tiring.

      Anyway, my application is as follows:

      I currently have a level 1 control system running Windows XP for a processing line. The level 1 controls include things like a PLC, HMI (touch screen computers) and other machine controls. At times there can be up to 5 PC's.

      I have a computer which is an interface to the outside world or WAN. All other devices/computers are on a local LAN.

      I want to setup an MySQL db on this WAN side computer and let all my level 1 devices/computers dump tons of information to.

      I want to create some web based pages/applications on this WAN computer which will access the MySQL for the data. The trick is, I want this to be accessible by anyone from their office using their Web Browser.

      It sounds pretty normal but I cannot get any real specifcs from reading these pages. It seems like I should be able to do this but I am not sure.

      Thanks for any help.

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          Elias Ross Master

          You're looking for free systems advice? Seems like you need a consultant.

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            Peter Johnson Master

            Let me see if I understand this correctly.

            You have a central computer running Windows XP. I assume that this computer has two network cards, one of which is connected to an isolated LAN of up to five computers. The other is connected to the internet (or some other more public network.)

            The 5 computer on the isolated LAN are pumping data into a MySQL database.

            You would like to write a web application that accesses the MySQL database and provides information to people who are accessing it via the public network.

            Sounds trivial to me. For the web app, pretend that the private network doesn't exist, that only the MySQL database exists. And when you run JBoss, use the -b boot option to specific the IP address for the network card that is on the public network.

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              rsl rsl Newbie

              GenmanI was wondering if JBoss was the direction I wanted to go in. Seeing as I am unfamilair with JBoss AS, Tomcat etc, I am not sure which one if any was the direction I should go.

              I stumbled into this place via Pentaho and their application so there are numerous options and I am looking at.

              PeterJ Thank you for the reply. From the sounds of your comments, JBoss is a possible direction for me but now I still need to figure out what pieces and parts will allow me to do the task at hand.

              So far the Pentaho folks called me back today and helped clarify things regarding their product. I think I may need a more custom app and why I am looking here.