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    Recommended place to store lib files

    Javier Leyba Newbie


      I'm doing an apllication that consist of a jboss service and web service that I'm running in an Apache Axis 1.3 installed in my jboss instance as a web application.

      My jboss service depends of ActiveMQ libraries and web service application too. So, my first option to place jar files is inside lib dir of my jboss instance but I found this a dirty way because if I want to uninstall my applications I'll need to delete each file from libr dir manually and with the risk to delete a jar used by another application.

      Then, I decided to make a dir inside lib called ActiveMQ where I place all my jar in a clear way and it works well with jboss-service part but couldn´t be seen by axis webservices.

      So, my question is which is the recommended way to keep jar files accesible from any application and in a clear and safe way ?

      I've the same problem with my properties and config files. I put my jboss service config files in my jboss instance config dir but somebody told me its so bad...how should I work with this ?

      Thanks in advance