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    Servlet help

    franck m Newbie

      Hi all. I've some problems running a servlet which is deployed on Jboss
      3.2. The situation is as follows :
      - The servlet needs to use version 1.0 of a package named myPackage
      - The JBoss installation hosting the servlet use version 2.0 of
      myPackage (package jar is deployed in jboss-3.2.3/server/default/lib).
      Version 2.0 is needed by other servlets deployed on the same server.

      The servlet raises an error because it finds a newer and not compatible
      version of myPackage.
      I've tried to add myPackage v1.0 to the servlet war but the error
      remains the same (jboss goes on referring to myPackage deployed on its
      lib dir)

      What can I do? Any help will be appreciated!