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    SOA Architectures

    Sergio Sanchez Newbie

      I'm trying to understand that big paradigm and philosophy which is SOA.
      I understand there are some pieces that a SOA architecture will need like an ESB and a BPM. Which more are the fundamental?

      Also, it will be interesting to know how development changes, i.e. from a typical web application with some frameworks to accomplish MVC and persistence like Struts or JSF and Hibernate or EJB; what architectural changes will need to change it to a SOA architecture? Are frameworks used in a SOA?

      I know there are different layers for a SOA, like physical and logical. Are BPM, ESB and other pieces belong to logical layer? Are business processes designed in this layer but executed in the physical layer? So, in the physical layer can be maintained those MVC and other frameworks to communicate with the user?

      Finlly, how JBoss products are put together to build a SOA? Which ones are used? jBPM, ESB... or even anyone?

      Thanks a lot for your time!

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          Elias Ross Master

          SOA doesn't "require" things like ESB or BPM. It's a more simple idea than that. A plug-in to Sendmail might be one way to implement a SOA.

          This Wiki artical defines SOA pretty well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service-oriented_architecture

          I don't believe physical versus logical "layers" are how the architecture is described.

          JBoss's product suite, including JBPM and ESM, can help in executing an SOA. But you can just as easily implement an SOA by providing web services (i.e. SOAP or HTTP) using the basic JBossAS. Those products are just there to help you write a better SOA.