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    problem with classloader repository

    Edith Hofer Newbie

      I have a war file. and i want to use my own classloader instance for loading this war file.
      I can now add <loader-repository>com.example:loader=mywar.war </loader repository> to my jboss-web.xml.
      This means that my war has it's own classloader repository and when the war is loaded, first the classloaders in this repository are used to find classes. Am I right?
      My problem is that I want my own classloader instance to be added to this repository. I could not find a way to do that. Is this even possible? And how do I do that?

      If this is not possible, are there other ways to use my own classloader instance for my .war? For instance by creating a new HeirarchicalLoaderRepository and adding the classloader instance to that repository even if the class of the classloader instance is no unifiedclassloader but an instance of an urlclassloader?