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    Porting standalone App to JBoss

    Noah Guilbault Newbie

      We have a functioning and fairly dynamic standalone client/server (we have a JINI client interface and a XML client interface) data translation application that is currently being used by several govt programs. We have had several requests to adopt a SOA. In particular, I'm interested in packaging my application up and deploying it as a JBoss service. How does this impact, if at all, my applications ability to open and utilize network socket connections for lan sniffing, RMI connections (specifically JINI) for some remote clients?

      I am assuming that this will be a bit of an undertaking but see the potential payoff as a high return on investment. I have some older experience with weblogic in the early days of J2EE but for the past few years I've been out of that loop.

      Any hints or direction would be welcome,