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    ear file claims no meta-inf in war

    Dexter Valentine Newbie

      Hello, new to JBoss but not really a novice with development, but cant seem to get the most basic helloworld jsp page on my JBoss server.

      My system setup is a Windows 2003 OS, Apache2 server, bundled with Tomcat. IIS is obviously working as well, but turned off.

      I have Tomcat on port 8082 and I have JBoss on port 8084. Apache, Tomcat and IIS all work fine. JBoss seems to be working fine but the book I'm using (Beginning Java EE 5: From Novice to Professional, ISBN: 1590594703) has some simple steps to get a jsp showing on server that I cant implement.

      After setup, I create a web-app.war with an index.jsp, but then I try to create the helloworld.ear with the following command:

      jar cf helloworld.ear web-app.war META-INF

      I get an error saying "META-INF: no such file or directory".

      Surely someone knows how dumb I'm being. Any help is appreciated.