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    How to contain HTML tags inside <rich:panel>

    Martin Jozef Newbie


      What do i need to do, configure so that JSF includes my html tags inside the panel for example:

      <rich:panel id="personalPanelGroup" >
       <rich:effect event="onclick" type="Fade" />
       <rich:effect event="onclick" for="personalPanelGroup" type="Appear" params="delay:3.0,duration:0.5" />
       <div class="entry">
       <div class="label">
       <h:outputText value="First,Middle,Last:"/>
       <div class="input">
       <h:inputText id="cFirstName" value="#{customer.firstName}" required="true"> </h:inputText>
      </<rich:panel >

      All the div tags get ignored inside the panel, is this normal behavior ?