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    Need JBoss Architecture Advice

    bob Gratton Newbie

      I am new with JBoss and I am getting confuse. I need some JEE advice.

      I read a lot about:
      JAX-WS 2.0, EJB 3.0, JSR-109, Spring, Mule ESB, JBoss, JBossWS, GlassFish, etc

      I understand the purpose of each technology but I have a hard time putting on paper an infrastructure that will let me:

      1) Deploy a POJO in a container.
      2)Offer this POJO as an EJB 3.0 component AND also as WebService.

      My Internal Java application will connect via RMI and my external application will use the WSDL and HTTP.

      Can I do that with JBoss ? How EJB 3.0 fit into JBossWS ?