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    dataTable: how to address a specific field in a specifc row?

    Samuel Lima Newbie

      I hava a dataTable with sales details.

      In the product id field of the dataTable I open a modal panel with another dataTable showing a list of all products stored in the database to allow the user to select a specifc product.

      When the user select a specific product in the modal panel I want to update the product id in the dataTable behind the modal panel. How can I do it?

      In a modal panel how can I address a specific field of a dataTable on the window behind that openned the modal panel?

      I know there is rowKey and rowKeyVar.

      But how can I address a specific field of a specific row in a dataTable ?

      If rowKeyVar = "itemId"

      Can I use something like this "#{item.productId[#{itemId}]}"

      I apreciate any help.