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    How to montir Database connections thru JBoss

    vikas mavoori Newbie


      I am new to JBoss, Can anyone tell me how to monitor database connections when we use JBoss.

      Thanks in advance

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          Weston M. Price Master

          Easiest thing to do is check out the JMX console

          By default, this runs at:


          The console provides an HTML view of all the MBeans running in JBoss. All ConnectionPools are MBeans and as a result, you can view the particular statistics for the pool. For example, JBoss ships with a default datasource configuration with a JNDI name of DefautDS to view the stats for this datasource navigate to the console and find the entry


          selecting this will give you a set of statistics about the pool (min/max/inuse).

          You can accomplish the same thing using the twiddle.sh application in your

          <jboss-root>/bin directory but for now the JMX console should give you a start.